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Garfield NJ Taxi Service

Garfield NJ is a charming part of the Bergen County that is bordered on one side by the Passaic River, partially the Saddle River and with a Dahnert’s Lake and its park at the very center. While the Passaic River is still being cleaned from the years of pollution, the Saddle River is one of the most magical places in New Jersey and Dahnert’s Lake is the perfect place to take your children to the park or do some exercises surrounded by nature.

Garfield is only ten minutes away from Teterboro airport and half an hour of driving away from Manhattan, which means the neverending parties of the Big Apple are close and easily accessible.

Garfield NJ Taxi To Newark And JFK Airport

Most of the people who come with their private jets, be it for business or private reasons, come to the nearby Teterboro airport. However, international and commercial domestic fights can be found on the Newark airport which is some thirty minutes of driving away. It takes an hour to reach JFK airport, an even bigger air travel hub if you are going from Garfield NJ.

Our New Jersey taxi service can help you avoid crowds and parking hassle going both ways – to and from EWR and JFK airport.

Taxi From Garfield NJ To NYC

If you just flew to Teterboro airport, but want to stay in New York City or you just want a tour around Big Apple – you can call us. We also provide transportation for Garfield NJ locals who want to go to  NYC to a meeting, for a shopping spree, for a crazy night on the town or for any other reason. You can count on our services on your way back to the Bergen borough and be sure that you will return home safely.

24 Hour Taxi Service In Bergen County

Since Bergen County is so close to Manhattan and New York City, it is inevitably affected by its sleeplessness. There was no other solution for us but to provide 24 hour taxi service to everyone going to and from Garfield NJ.

We have served the local neighborhood and surrounding cities for 25 years and our prices had always remained extremely low. Still, we made iOS and Android apps to make your taxi reservation even easier and we offer a 10% discount to anyone who books our New Jersey taxi using these apps.